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Sunday 1 January ~ Saturday 7 January 2023

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Staying safe at sea
The Bass is a physically demanding it is important you look after the welfare of your members.

There will be event doctors and medical team who will make determination if rower is unable to continue in race. Injuries should be reported to the event doctor.

Whilst at sea there will be a medical boat equipped with basic first aid equipment and doctors and nurses. They will be able to provide basic assistance and support. In an emergency/critical incident the event emergency plan will be enforced with professional evacuation sought. This could involve evacuation from the medical boat by helicopter, IRB transport to nearest beach to link up with emergency services etc.

There will be a first aid team at each of the finish locations to provide assistance as required.

There will also be First Aid facilities available on either the Referees Boat and on a boat specifically designated for this purpose. Clubs should also come equipped with First Aid materials and kits and should ensure adequate drinks, warm clothing, sun screen and wind protection is available in the support boats.

Sea sickness can affect rowers whilst they are in the support boats. It is important to stay hydrated and if a member is experiencing sea-sickness try and keep them away from the fuel fumes. If urgent they can seek assistance from the Medical Boat.

Hypothermia is one of the risks attached to the event, particularly on cold southerly days. It is important to have a change of clothes/warm jackets on the support boat for rowers. Ensure the crew dries off when first back on the support boat.

Heat related injuries
On hot days there can also be heat related injuries such as heat stroke. It is essential crews are sun smart and remain well hydrated for the duration of the event.

Sharks are likely to be sighted at some point during the event. They can pose risk to crews when in the water.

Crews and support vessels are requested to radio the main referee boat to report sightings with the following information: location, Size of shark, number of sharks, is there baitfish/increased marine activity in the area. The race referee will conduct a risk assessment and send water safety assets to investigate. If deemed appropriate following investigation of water safety crew the race referee can declare that all crew changes to be conducted from boat to boat only (i.e. no rowers in the water) or no changes allowed for a minimum of 20 minutes or until the fleet has moved beyond the area of sighting. This will be communicated via radio to all crews.


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