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Sunday 1 January ~ Saturday 7 January 2023

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Mandatory Safety measures:

These measures were implemented in the 2013-14 event and have had some minor adjustments.

  • We will supply a bright hi viz flag to every powerboat that the observer must raise and keep in the air from the start to completion of every change over. This sends a clear signal to all following boats both in powerboats and race boats that rowers in the water
  • The changing power boat (or IRB) will have right of way and all trailing boats must change course to avoid any interference with crew members in the water for the duration of the change until the hi viz flag is lowered.
  • The race boat sweep must raise their arm horizontal to the water for at least 30 seconds as a clear signal to following crews that his/her team is about to make a crew change.
  • It is the responsibility of the trailing crew to change course sufficiently so as to avoid contact of interference with the changing powerboat whenever the hi viz flag is being flown.
  • We will require all powerboats (SLSA Inflatable Rescue boats with a prop guard are exempt) undergo a complete motor shutdown during the process if rowers are to enter the boat over the transom from the time they pull alongside the rowers to be collected from the water. The preferred option for entering a powerboat is via a ladder or the side or having the change made by a SLSA IRB.
  • We will continue our start process of staggering the starting times for race divisions rather than all crews in one big line. This has the effect of spreading the race and powerboats out to avoid congestion around changeover time.
  • There will be compulsory pre-race induction for every power boat skipper, observer/deck hand and race sweep. This induction will be held on 2 January 2016 at the Moruya Showground prior to the event. It will spell out the safety requirements for safe practise at sea and make sure the processes are understood. All attendees will sign a race form declaring they have fully understood and will follow the safety requirements. Drivers/Observers/Sweeps that do not attend or sign the form will not be allowed to start in the race.
  • Power boat skippers will have reinforced at this induction that they must provide a copy of their current boat license; they must observe all maritime regulations in particular lifejackets and bar crossings.
  • Only boats will the capacity to cross river bars in rough conditions are to be used as support vessels.
  • The FSC Branch Powerboat officer and/or NSW Maritime personnel will inspect support boats at the briefing at the Day 1 Campground prior to the start of the event. Boats not considered appropriate will not be allowed to start. Boats should be clear of obstacles like fishing gear, well maintained, registered, have all the requisite safety equipment and in good mechanical order.
  • Crews not adhering to the safety requirements face time penalties and or/suspension/withdrawal from the race for repeated infringements.

SKIS - All skis will be scruitineered after the pre-race briefing

  • Paddlers will be required to check in daily, before entering the water, with the event ski co-ordinator
  • Paddlers that fail to check in will be disqualified from the event.
  • Safety equipment required for all paddlers;
    • 2 litres water
    • PFD 2
    • fluro - event supplied
    • tracker
    • mobile phone with waterproof pouch
    • leg rope/ leash
    • flare - current and in date


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