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Sunday 1 January ~ Saturday 7 January 2023

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Powerboat tips/Launching instructions.
Each crew is permitted a motorised craft to convey its additional rowers. Support boat captains must make every endeavour to keep clear of other boats; especially the surfboats and skis; when at sea and in particular when moving into the fleet to make crew changes. Action will be taken against any support craft by way of penalties being imposed on their surfboat if there are infringements.  Accidental or deliberate infringements could attract the same penalty. Clubs are totally responsible for the mechanical condition of their support craft. The race will not be delayed because of mechanical failure to any support craft.

We will be able to help your boat drivers at our briefings each day to provide all the information on local sea and bar conditions.

Day 1 Launch at Hanging Rock boat ramp, Catalina – there are boat ramps either side of the bridge or the main marina towards the Marine Rescue Base for larger vessels. Retrieve at ramp inside Moruya River/ Preddys Wharf. Moruya River Bar is pretty safe but like all Bars requires common sense and respect.

Day 2 Launch over Moruya Bar for the run to Tuross. This is the only leg with no Boat Ramp facility at the finish. The trip back to Moruya is 19km or forward to Narooma is 23km. Boats usually return to Moruya but if conditions are heavy from the north they move forward to Narooma.

Day 3 Launch either Moruya or Narooma and run to Tuross for start Pull out at Narooma. We organise rescue ducks to pick up your spare rowers on Tuross Beach and ferry them out to your power boat.

Day 4 Launch Narooma Bar and pull out at Bermagui. Narooma Bar requires respect and a full briefing will be provided to Power Boats on all aspects of the Bars use. If we consider the day too rough we will look at alternate arrangements. Larger boats may prefer to launch at Bermagui but note this will require additional time and fuel.

Day 5 Launch Bermagui and out at Tathra. Tathra ramp appears as an opening in the cliff face but is quiet safe and sheltered.

Day 6 Launch Tathra and out at Merimbula. Merimbula river mouth is at the northern end of our race finish on Pambula Beach.

Day 7 Launch Merimbula out at Eden. Boats will come out somewhere in Twofold Bay TBC 

A Few Things to Remember:

  • On the racing front we like to keep the power boats on the seaward side of the surfboats and a fair distance out to sea.
  • What we have to make the powerboat drivers understand is that their wake has a pretty damaging effect on racing surfboats a long way behind their boat and none of us want to disadvantage other crews.
  • To the sweep this means that you need a good signal/comms system to be able to bring your boat into position when you need it.
  • It's also important to understand that with several boats closely racing your powerboat won't always be able to hang around just where you would like.
  • You may have to make your drop off point further out in front and let other racing boats row past your rowers before the pickup.
  • Your powerboat will also at times find itself caught on the inside of the fleet after a change and your driver needs to be aware not to become boxed in against headlands etc when you could be looking for another quick change.


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