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Sunday 1 January ~ Saturday 7 January 2023

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Radio Communication

Each team/support boat needs to provide their own VHF radio in the surfboat or in the support boat which will be on the designated race channel VHF ship to ship 77 so that the Race Officials, (Race Referee, Boat Referee or Womens Boat Referee), can contact every boat at any given time.

The following Radio procedure will be strictly observed at all times during the race: -

1. All Radio Transmissions between Race Officials will be on UHF Event Channel (SLS radio channel 26) or by mobile phone.
2. All Transmissions between Officials and competitors as indicated in Paragraph above will be on VHF 77.
3. No competitors or support boat are to use the Officials Communication Channel till all starts are completed and while any craft are crossing the finish line.
4. Competing craft may use any allowable method of communication for domestic use during the race.
5. Under no circumstances are frequencies 27.880 or 27.860 to be used except in an emergency. These are the local Marine Emergency Channels.
6. Race director will log on and with Surfcom each race day and use the Surfcom channel for emergency assistance.
7. Race director will advise local Marine rescue base when the race is completed each day. All powerboats (support boats) are encouraged to log on and off with Marine Rescue as well.


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